Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Damla Kuruyemiş Products Are Producing?
Our products are packaging hygienically and processing without touching according to the standarts of ISO 22000. In our production line, we use last technology producing machine sand keep the food safety at high levels.


How Natural Damla Kuruyemiş Products Are?
The difference between dry nuts and other snacks is that they are both natural and beneficial. All basic features in Damla Kuruyemiş products protect its value as the firstday. Because we produce first quality raws without using any ingredient and protect their naturalness. We always offer you %100 natural products.


What Are The Benefits Of Packaged Dry Nuts And Dry Fruits?
Dry nuts shortly losing their freshness when they contacted with light, moistoroxygen. If you prefer consuming packaged products, you will not give up from freshness and hygene. You have to be careful for package quality to be sure about how healthy those foods that you are consuming. When it comes to food safety, we always use healthy, natural and fresh products in quality packages which has barrier facilities.


Where and How Dry Nuts Should be Hidden?
Damla Kuruyemiş products protects its first day freshness for 1 year with proper storing conditions. After opening the package, you can protect its freshness long time with closing it again tightly and cover it in fridge or cold and dry place with banning its contact wit hair.


How Dry Nuts Are Beneficial for Children?
Dry nuts and dry fruits are very rich nutritions in terms of including protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerale. Be sides, they protect body from many disease risks and support body for growth, mental development and energy. That is why experts suggest both adults and children to eat dry nuts everyday.


Does Dry Nut Protect Heart Health?
Especially wallnuts, almonds and nuts are heart protecter nutritions. They have direct protection on heart and vascular diseases. When dry nuts regularly consumed, they provide a protection again starter ios clerosis andr educes heart attack risk.


Does Dry Nut Include Cholesterol?
Cholesterol rate in drynutsare %0. Dry nuts have positive effects on blood fats and also wallnuts, almonds, nuts and sunflower seeds are lowering cholesterol.


Does Dry Nut Fatten?
Dry nuts include vegetable oil and their unsaturated fat rates are high. Those are harmless fats which a human body need in certain rates. With that, high nutrition value that dry nuts include, their positive effects on blood fats and benefits when controlling hunger are also proved by experts. That’swhy, dry nuts have first place in diet lists today.